Updated Dec. 11th
We are rebuilding the PDF store and are working on completing the Iron Ivan section.

The Fireball Forward, BrigadeGames and Sinister Labs PDF pages are complete and working fine. We are still adding items to the Iron Ivan page and the items there can be ordered now.

You can access the new PDF store sections in the shop menu item, then the specific store or using the links below:

Please Support our Kickstarter to fund the new version of the German Army Book, Angriff, for Disposable Heroes II – the Kickstarter ends on Dec. 20th

If you have an issue, let me know via the contact us form.

On December 8th, we sent the outstanding orders that had trouble with a new link with the purchased PDFs.

Yes, it is taking us longer than we expected, but the end result is a smoother process for PDF delivery.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Of course, everything happens during the busiest time of year.

Thanks for your patience,



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Showing all 15 results