Digital Downloads

PDF Downloads require Adobe Acrobat 10 or greater.

PDFs are password protected with customer’s email address.

PDFs can be printed and the content annotated, but not copied.

PDFs purchases are licensed for a single user and are not to be copied or transferred.

Once complete, your order will show on a final order completion page. On this receipt page, you may download your products from the link(s) on the page. Alternatively, you will be emailed a copy of this receipt and you can click the link(s) in this order email for the PDF downloads as well.

To begin downloading your purchases, just click on the link for the product you want to download. The process of downloading will begin by presenting a new tab or page that asks for your PDF password (your email address). Entering your password you can then download the PDF files. If you are asked if you want to Open the file or Save the file, please choose to Save to your computer.


Download Troubleshooting

  • When prompted for a password, it is the email address you gave for your order.
  • When you try to download the PDF get a file called “download.htm.” Instead of the AOL browser try using the Chrome, Safari or Firefox. We recommend against using Internet Explorer.
  • When you try to download, Adobe Reader opens but nothing happens. Try this: Right- click on the link and choose “Save target as” and this will prompt you to save the file to your hard drive.
  • Antivirus software may be blocking the Adobe Reader opening the downloaded file. Adobe has a list of things to check here.
  • Disable any web accelerator software.
  • If you use a firewall make sure it is not blocking the download.
  • You use the Earthlink Total Access browser – ┬áPlease temporarily deactivate it and reconfigure your network settings as it strips the headers from Adobe PDFs when downloading.